NMSU’s Systemwide Diversity Council (NMSU-SDC) Mission and Goal:

The Council’s mission is to directly advance equity, inclusion, and diversity initiatives across the NMSU system, with the purpose of becoming a more equitable and inclusive systemwide community where all feel welcomed and are provided opportunities to thrive.

NMSU’s Diversity Council works with the Vice President for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, who co-chairs the council with a staff or faculty representative. The Vice President’s role on the council is to propose to the council the systemwide initiatives that should be advanced each year. These initiatives will consistently align with NMSU’s Strategic Plan focused on Equity, Inclusion and Diversity goals and objectives. The role of the other co-chair is to convene the council, create agendas, and identify action items and areas of progress of the council during each meeting.


The NMSU System Diversity Council is a standing advisory body to the Chancellor of NMSU.


The NMSU System Diversity Council is authorized to serve the following functions:

  1. To examine structural issues and policies to provide advice to the NMSU President relating to discrimination, diversity, and inclusion throughout the NMSU system. These issues include and are not limited to: the recruitment and retention of underrepresented students, faculty and staff at all NMSU campuses, and the systematic development and maintenance of equity and inclusion throughout the NMSU system. The creation of this system-wide diversity council does not preclude the individual campuses from appointing a campus-based group, ad hoc or standing, to address diversity issues. Advice and recommendations from such campus groups to central administration shall be brought to the NMSU System Diversity Council through each campus’ member representative on the NMSU System Diversity Council.
  2. To provide informed advice on equity and access as well as actively participate in university process to assist in the development, assessing and achieving NMSU LEADS 2025 Diversity Goals and supporting planning documents that will be developed by our units and community colleges.